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## CI/CD variables
## personal tokens
niveau user
* api
* Grants complete read/write access to the API, including all groups and projects.
* read_user
* Grants read-only access to the authenticated user's profile through the /user API endpoint, which includes username, public email, and full name. Also grants access to read-only API endpoints under /users.
* read_repository
* Grants read-only access to repositories on private projects using Git-over-HTTP (not using the API).
### root only
* sudo
* Grants permission to perform API actions as any user in the system, when authenticated as an admin user.
## feed token
niveau user
* Your feed token is used to authenticate you when your RSS reader loads a personalized RSS feed or when when your calendar application loads a personalized calendar, and is included in those feed URLs.
* It cannot be used to access any other data.
## deploy tokens
niveau repo
Deploy tokens allow read-only access to your repository and registry images.
## deploy keys
niveau repo
Deploy keys allow read-only or read-write (if enabled) access to your repository. Deploy keys can be used for CI, staging or production servers. You can create a deploy key or add an existing one.
## specific runners
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